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Discover the Power.You.Up! way
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Did you miss the
Embrace Your Feminine Power!
Webinar on March 21?

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We explored the wonderful universe of our feminine energy and its unlimited power in its multiple dimensions (yes, the work-related dimension in particular)...

We learned a simple and powerful strategy to lean into it...

And we experienced it and activated it in our body with a beautiful energy activation...

The replay is now available for a few days for you to catch up!
Send me an
e-mail with the subject "replay",
and I will send you the link!

more than coaching. more than mentoring.
this is the beginning of a self-discovery that will redefine your world.
you are powerful beyond measure.
own it.



Embrace your own way.


Get in touch with your feminine power.


Activate your mind's deepest resources.

Re-discover your natural confidence.


Own your brilliance and make the world your playground!


About me

Welcome, Powerful Woman.

I am Alessia and I coach passionate professionals like You. 

I guide you to power up your spark, to touch your brilliance,

and to activate it in your life and work.

I work with entrepreneurs, executives and change makers

who are ready to play their bigger game,

who are deeply committed to their vision and goals,

and eager to challenge themselves beyond their comfort zone.

When you start working with me,

you enter a suspended space and time of deep focus,

and embark on an exciting journey of discovery:


You will discover yourself anew,

and you will discover that your reality is changing,

as you activate your full energetic blueprint and change your perspective, mindset and attitude

in ways that support you and propel you forward into your next powerful version.

As you step into your power, you become able to craft circumstances, create opportunities, generate solutions and make new choices that bring you there, where you want to be.

Power.You.Up! is my signature programme,

and I can say with confidence that it is the most precious gift you can offer yourself on the path to your greatness.

I know it, because I crafted my own unique path through the insights and shifts you will also get, conquering my fears and liberating the power that has allowed me to create the exact life I have been dreaming about.


I know it, because of the many brilliant women who have activated their spark in this powerful container.

I'm an award-winning, ICF accredited professional coach and a specialist in hypnosis induction and energy activation

(certified hypnotherapy practitioner and reiki energy master),


Plus, my 20+ years of work experience in international organizations make me deeply aware of the dynamics and challenges of a complex work environment like yours may be.

I'm based in Brussels, Belgium, and you can work with me online from anywhere.

in English, Italian or French,

Up for the ride?

Image by LoboStudio Hamburg


My objectives when I started the programme with Alessia were  to handle a heavy situation at work which drained a lot of my energy and eroded my confidence.

At the end of this path I can say that I definitely overgrew  my goals: I feel deeply confident, I've learned to express my needs  without anxiety, I feel much more balanced, and  I  am able to project myself  in the  future that I desire (thank you for the amazing visualizations!). Worth it all!


Helena, Project Manager

This coaching programme has been an eye opener.

I have been able to look deep inside myself and finally get clear on my priorities and , even more important, on how to protect my boundaries.

 I've acquired strategies and techniques that are helping  me everyday and I'm so glad  of my new morning routines , I feel much more energy  indeed. I cannot recommend Alessia enough!

Anja, Entrepreneur

I had the most amazing experience with Alessia! She coached me to see what was holding me back and helped me overcome my fears. She does it in a very subtle way, only just nudging in the right direction, because in the end she knows it's me who needs to own my progress. Eternally thankful to Alessia!


Truus, Stylist

Image by LoboStudio Hamburg

Contact me

Send me an e-mail:


 or a private message on Linkedin

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