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Why You, Why Me

Self-Confidence is likely your most important skill:

add it to your mix, and all your other skills and talents are amplified and magnified. Take it out, and you will lose impact, hold yourself back, hide, and miss opportunities.

With my work I help brilliant professionals become their most powerful, impactful and confident version.

I want you to enjoy your uniqueness, embrace who you are, and I want you to make a difference: the world does not have to miss out on the exclusive value you can offer!

Be ready to challenge yourself, play, dare to push your limits,

and watch your reality transform under your eyes!


Working on yourself

Has this already happened to you or could likely occur?

To hold yourself back from a higher responsibility position because you are doubting your skills and qualifications?

Or from a difficult conversation with your boss, for fear you would lose your clarity and stumble on your arguments?

Have your ever felt overwhelmed by your deadlines, anxious about a feedback, unsecure about what decision to take,

scared about your job interview next week, or because of that board presentation you shall deliver in a few minutes?

And are you waiting for others - your colleagues, your partner, your friends - to validate how you are and what you do?


​In these and similar situations part or most of this does happen:

confidence in yourself is low, your stress and frustration raise, your energy drops,

your threat response activates, and you lose contact with your mind presence and power. 

This in turn affects your performance, your balance, your ability to take sound decisions, 

in a negative loop that ultimately can impact the very quality of your professional and private life. 


The work you will do with me aims to re-establish this contact with your powerful mind, and maintain it,

by awakening your learning genius: learning to question your habitual patterns and thoughts,

to discover and activate your unsuspected resources, to build up and test out new transformative habits


Step by step you empower yourself from the inside-out, become the confident master of your everyday and major choices, 

and begin to craft the personal and professional life that really lights you up! 

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Veronika Jezso


Public Official, Brussels

I am very grateful to have met Alessia.

She should be written on a prescription to all of us. Once you know her you always wish to remain close to her, her positive energies and genuine self. Thank you Alessia.

July 2022

Working with me

I work with passionate high-performers who are ready to play their bigger game, who are committed to their goals and ready to challenge themselves beyond their comfort zone.

The work we do together is then deep and transformative, because massive and lasting change comes only from the inside-out.

Be prepared to enter a suspended space and time of deep focus...

When you start working with me, you embark on an exciting journey of discovery:

little by little you will discover yourself anew, and you will discover that your reality is changing,

as you change your perspective, mindset and attitude in ways that support you

and make you express the best of you.

Step by step you become able to craft circumstances, create opportunities and make choices that bring you where you really want to be.

Be ready for the experience!

Even before harnessing your tangible results,

your journey of self-awareness and growth will have been the most precious gift to yourself.

And you will enjoy the deep conversations, 

the breakthroughs, the insights, and a-ha moments!


Up for the ride?


You can work with me in English, Italian or French.


About me

I bring to you 20 rich years of work and life experience in the EU Institutions multicultural world,

leading different teams, facilitating organizational collaborative workshops, and partnering with senior leaders in large-scale talent development and change management processes, 

while living the expat life and raising up with my husband our three amazing kids.

My methodology is a personal mix of professional coaching and mentoring, combined with energy healing, creative visualization and mindfulness techniques, to provide you with a unique, powerful and transformative experience of personal growth which is there to last!

You can find more about me and my background

on my Linkedin profile.

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You can work with me at my studio in Uccle or online (zoom),

in English, Italian and French.

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