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Feminine Power Path

Lean into the new transformative
group experience!

Lean into a new, deeply transformative experience...


It is designed for a small group of women professionals who want to uplevel their mindset for prosperity, tap into their energetic core and redesign unhelpful patterns so to ban anxiety, gain deep confidence, unleash their full personal power and radiate it through their presence,

and find and maintain balance in their personal and work life.

What can I expect?

A 7-week in-class experience for a small group of professionals, that will deeply transform the way you think, how you see the world and how you see yourself, and during which you will be able to create new and empowering strategies that support you and your prosperous life.


We meet online in weekly sessions of around 2 hours in a potent mix of training and coaching

that leverages the best of the two worlds.

You will have access to exclusive material to deepen your learning and practice it on your own,

and you will benefit of the support and energy of like-minded women to further grow outside of your current perceived limitations and into more freedom and prosperity.

This experience is designed to uplift, heal and redesign the relation with your body, your mind, your emotions and your energy.

Be ready for a profound and transformative shift!

You will get out of this experience transformed:

  • Deeply aware of your value, your power and your capacities

  • deeply confident in your abilities

  • Clear on what you want and why you want it in your life and on how to achieve it

  • Able to connect with your energetic feminine core, your inner wisdom and intuition

  • Confident in taking decisions  and handling challenges or setbacks, 

  • Masterful in managing your own energy and time, and protecting your boundaries

  • Powerful in expressing your truth and using your voice,

  • Connected and comfortable in personal and professional relationships,

  • Free from external conditioning and empowered to live the life you choose to.

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About me

My beautiful friend, 

it's a pleasure to welcome you here.


I'm Alessia, 

award-winning empowerment coach, energy healer and catalyst of conscious, soulful change.


I believe in a life that thrives in all its dimensions, a life that is conscious and respects oneself and others, a life where you become free to honour your vision and purpose , a life that is abundant of true relationships, resources and experiences. A life that is sustainable and in flow. A life that is prosperous.


This exquisite programme guides and accompanies you to tap into your vast feminine power,

a largely misunderstood and still uncharted territory

for so many of us, and unlock the doors to your prosperous life.

it is designed to bring to you the best of my expertise and experience in professional coaching, change facilitation, and energy work, and to provide you with a uniquely transformative experience that will deepen your inner strength and self-empowerment, release deep confidence, expand your capacity for connectedness, and open your life to true prosperity,

week by week.

Join me and other extraordinary women in this adventure that may change the course of your life!

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