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Connecting to our personal powerhouse

Housing the source of our energy

There's a beautiful young wild cherry tree in my garden I deeply love.

Just a few years ago it was a slender branch that had started to grow unnoticed from the root of its exhausted parent.

It got abundant nourishment this way, and so developed into the magnificent plant it now is, much faster than it would have been capable of without that parental support.

As human babies we are not different, we need stable and trusted bases and to be nourished by the healthy relationships our parents establish with us.

These bases work as a powerhouse for us as kids, they resource us and allow us to flourish into harmonious adults.

But in our life journey it happens to many to lose somewhere, sometime, that sense of grounding and connection that is necessary to keep us growing and flourishing.

To sustain that drive, we need to cultivate our own powerhouse and attend to our own roots. A new, intimate and loving relationship with a personal source of identity and energy, one of our own, will bring us to discover, learn, take risks and grow, overcome fears, doubts, and setbacks, in the same way the safe bases of our childhood did.

And if these new roots and new connections are found outside of ourselves? Friends or lovers, a job or a job title, social status or wealth, a political party or a system of beliefs … there are many possibilities.

These connections are important, and in some cases vital, for a healthy life. However, if they don't stem (grow) from our own, personal roots, they will not be deep or sustaining enough to support us in our life journey and in growing into the fullest expression of ourselves.

Because, when nourishment and energies come exclusively or mostly from outside of us, we naturally come to melt our sense of self and of our own value into what the world outside tells us that they are.

We perceive ourselves through the lenses of those we have outsourced our energy to. We progressively lose sight of what is unique to us and we try to fit in the outer model that we have borrowed.

We adjust, without even realising it, in order to be appreciated more. In exchange we get more of that sense of safety, belonging, and recognition we crave, being the deeply social beings that we are.

And there's a risk there: as we become more of what others expect us to be, we can deprive ourselves of our own nourishment, and in doing so, deprive others of the value of who we really are.

In losing our unique perspectives and way of being, we impoverish the system we belong to of the healthy diversity that keeps it resilient.

And we lose the capacity to offer our uniqueness and value to the rest of the world.

This is a lose-lose scenario, where we are not fed properly and as a result we cannot feed others back.

Restoring our wholeness and creating unique value

Restoring our inner system, our wholeness, and an alignment between our needs and the kind of nutrients we receive from our environment, is important.

It is vital not only for our own personal health and balance but in order to re-balance our exchanges with the outside world.

It allows us to share our energy (expressed in ideas, time, work, conversations, love, voice, intentions) with the system we live in.

When wholeness is restored within our body-mind we feel energised with a sense of meaning and purpose.

We become much more able to participate and excited to contribute to the system we are part of (family, workplace, community or society at large).

Similarly, when we authentically contribute to the wholeness of the system to which we belong, we add value to its (bio)diversity without having to fit in a one-size-fits-all model.

In turn we come to nourish our own meaning and purpose, in a virtuous circle of mutual enrichment and systemic balance.

Being aware of and acknowledging this continuous exchange of our own inner system with the outer system we are part of is even more important when we have a stewardship or a decision-making role in it.

We become self-aware of our own patterns and triggers and conscious of the multiple, often invisible, dynamics that make the wider system up.

Think of this ability as a subtle, second ear that needs to be trained to hear and listen, amid the loud voice of what is known and visible, to the soft whispers of our own inner voice and of the inner voice of the system we live in.

This ability is stronger in people who are in contact with their intuition, who are able to perceive reality with the full spectrum of their senses, and to make sense of the hidden patterns in their community, in society and in the world, patterns that are often not (or not yet) visible to the many.

Restoring our wholeness then means harnessing our very human superpower, tuning into the whole array of our human capacities, something that we have been too often trained to dismiss and that we have become unable to get in touch with on a regular basis.

Albert Einstein talked about the intuitive, or metaphorical, mind as a "sacred gift", and of the rational mind as a "faithful servant". It's time to restore balance in how we value these two, to move beyond our left-brain-superiority bias and recognise the power of the whole mind. This is hopefully happening.

Tuning into our ability to be present and sense with the whole of ourselves, gives each one of us the possibility to live life at a completely different level and to offer our contribution in the world from that unique vantage point, in a virtuous cycle of purpose/meaning and energy fuelling.

This is a path available to every one of us, a path of grounding and connecting to our own inner source of energy. For many, a journey of unlearning old patterns, and learning new skills. A journey of coming home. And a journey of authentic, deep growth.

It is not a linear, nor an easy path. And while it takes time, as any transformative experience, it is in the process itself that we evolve.

The reward in reconnecting to our inner roots is in the realigning journey itself, in restoring the wholeness, it is in this very process that we access the next level of our power and potential.

But what does grounding actually mean? How do we ground ourselves? How do we access our own power?

Grounding-Connecting-Growing: an inner fuelling process

This is how I like to see the process of grounding-connecting-growing, as a powering-up and energy-fuelling process

(and I found this metaphor particularly powerful with my clients in creative visualisation and in energy work).

1. Grounding, or tuning into our energy source

Grounding is the process that brings us within our body and, through the body, brings us in contact with our deepest roots, those that anchor us as a human beings in our earthly experience.

Our body is our vehicle in this human experience. Our capacity to feel it and welcome it, our unconditional love for it and its sensations, all have an important impact on the quality of our human experience.

Grounding is what brings us to the earth, to the present moment, to our sensorial essence.

It is what centres us and gives us strength and balance, like a tree on its strong roots.

It makes us conscious of our unique identity and our own value, preventing us from wandering in our life following outside triggers.

It is in this capacity to sense our physical and subtle body states, to be present to our earthy and human source of energy, to get in touch with the whole spectrum of our inner resources that our true resilience and personal power reside.

Mindfulness techniques are reliable ways to practice grounding, by focusing our attention on the sensations in our body.

Creative visualisation can be also effective.

To me nothing is more powerful than connecting with nature, being it walking barefoot in my garden or bathing in a forest or swimming in the sea.

2. Connecting, or plugging into our power

Once we learn to ground, it becomes natural and easier to connect with ourselves at a deeper level, because of the very fact that we are now firmly rooted into ourselves.

As we are tuned to the energy source within, now we have just to plug into it.

This connection is the moment when our senses and body experience energetically meet our soul.

It is when we feel powered up by our inner source of energy, when we feel this energy flowing within us in our body cells as in our more subtle body, brightening our soul, fuelling our inspiration, flaming up our creativity.

This is what happens in a state of flow, the state in which inspiration comes alive and energy feels inexhaustible and constantly renewing.

If grounding gives you strength and stability and solid bases, connectedness gives you the energy power to create, act, play and move forward.

Then, what happens is that you naturally begin to expand and to grow.

3. Growing, or lighting up our life experience

I believe that we can only authentically grow when we unfold and learn from that place of groundedness, consciousness and empowerment.

Because only from that place, all of life, in every aspect, becomes our learning lab, and every experience, pleasant or difficult, can make us grow as humans.

It is from this plugged-in place that we can sense and perceive even in our more mundane experiences a meaning and a light that we were not able to detect before.

We become able to do this consistently and from a mind-body-soul integrated perspective.

This is how learning and the pleasure to learn become a way of being. This is authentic growth and authentic thriving, and it is like lighting up our human journey.

Our perception of life becomes deeper and clearer, and our experiences become richer, more colourful and more vibrant, unfolding in a relaxed, playful and energised state of being,

In this state we are able to wonder at the magnificence of life in all its forms, beyond our fears and beyond our needs for control or being right, or for self-righteousness.

It is the state in which we learned and grew as we were young kids. In flow, and in awe.

A wish for you who read

May you always stay open and curious to your unfolding, and walk gently and kindly on every new path of yours, with gratitude and without judgement,

and so discover more and more of your inner beauty and personal power and craft your unique experience on this planet and your unique contribution to the world.

I would love to hear from you whether you found this article useful for your own awareness or practice.

Feel free to get in touch with me at and to share you personal experience with grounding and connecting practices.

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