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Creating your own perfect morning routine in 2022

I published this article on some time ago but not yet on My Growth Café, now it's the time to fix this😉. For those who missed it, here you go, with a few updates and just in time to help you start thinking about your ideal morning routine for 2022! Grab your cup of favourite drink and enjoy!

There are plenty of guides out there on healthy rituals to start your day, so you bet, I will not add to the list.

What I will do instead is offering you a process to find or create your best single ritual ever, the one that can light your day up and prepare you for being your personal best version all day long.

Because most probably what is the perfect ritual for me is not the same for you; what I look for in my routine is not what you look for, and your objective is not necessarily mine.

So let’s dive into process here.

How to choose, or create, your sweet spot amid the infinite possible ways to kick off your day?

And why would you ever need one, after all?

It’s about purpose. I will talk about this too.

I have an exploratory mind and experimenting and discovering is definitely a pleasure of mine.

That's why again over the past years I’ve tested a number of different morning practices, either twisting one I had been using already for some time, or starting something else from scratch, such as daily walking my dog in the forest (side effects of pandemic changed habits, using the time I freed from traffic jams because of working-from-home).

Trials after trials I’ve come up with more clarity about the criteria my ideal morning practice had to feature. Criteria is the name of the game here to create your perfect ritual. Criteria is what makes you able to distinguish what’s good from what’s...even better!

That’s the gift of our analytical mind applied to processing what makes us feel good. Thus we can model it and repeat it.

So here my simple process to identify your criteria in four steps:

1) pay attention to what in a practice/ritual makes you feel really good (you don’t want to start your day any less than good, do you? Moreover, if it’s something you like you will more probably keep practicing daily and not get easily discouraged),

2) think of what are the elements there that make you feel like that ( hint: it can be just a part of it, not the entire practice, so be prepared to make distinctions),

3) use this element as a criterion to build your best routine,

4) Repeat the three steps above to identify your possible other criteria.

Now, even if this approach may sound a bit too analytical, it is not something you do as ‘cold’ homework.

It comes while you practice, and because you practice with focused attention.

It is not separate from you doing your routines.

It’s what happens when you attend to your routines more intentionally and discover your own unique way through it.

With this process I’ve come up with my own three criteria:

1) my ritual must be quick and easy: I don’t want it to eat up my morning, that’s a preparation to my day, not the final purpose.

2) It must be something I can do without any stuff required (so that I can do it wherever I am and in whatever conditions).

3) It’s all about purpose!

Yes, I mentioned it before. This is probably the first criterion of the three. We lose track of purpose of what we do so many times in our days and life. Here it means that we have to be conscious of what we want to take out of this routine.

A ritual is not and end in itself, after all. If you meditate and do it daily, most likely it is not because you want to become better at meditating, rather it could be because you want to become better at…living your life?

Or maybe it’s something different, but it’s worth digging into what your WHY is.

Why are you doing it? There’s no right or wrong answer of course, and it’s the number one criterion you should consider to choose your practice.

I’ll give you mine. For me a routine in the morning has to set in motion a new inner state, an aligned, energetic, and serene vibe that will stay with me for the whole day, whatever I will do. That’s how I can be the best version of myself for me, those I love and the people I want to serve.

That’s my purpose. You can have a different one.

It can be to accelerate your metabolism for the day so to stay fit or lose weight, it can be to feel relaxed and live your day in a no-stress zone, it can be to pamper your body so to feel that you are taking care of yourself.

Whatever it is, you want to consciously know what your purpose here is.

And keep in your consciousness this intention.

Because this is what makes you continue practicing over time, even those mornings when you feel less motivated or are anxious or distracted about something.

Ok, so in case you ask what is my single one routine (It is not really important after all, but I’m here to share, so I’ll do it), it’s energy work on myself, be it through reiki or through connection with my own subtle body energy.

That’s for a simple reason. I have been practicing reiki and other energy healing techniques for years now and what started as a curiosity became my favourite ritual. Why? It makes me feel good and it meets all my criteria.

1) Is it quick? Yes, it takes 10 minutes of my time.

2) Is it easy to do, not requiring any stuff? Well yes, I do it with my own mind and body alone while lying in bed. Not even fancy poses or movements…just lying in bed before getting up. I can do it even with back pain (and it gets better afterwards).

3) Is it able to bring me what I look for? You bet YES: in these 10 minutes I go through an energetic process that completely changes my inner state from top to toe, meaning that I wake up and get off of my bed calm, centred and energized, ready to handle whatever I need to do afterward, and deeply conscious of my priorities and needs along the day.

It is a sustained state and it’s easy to get back to it again if I’m losing it at some point (5 minutes of intentional visualization sitting in a chair is all I need after all).

I could tell you of course more about how I reach this inner state and how quickly I jump off my bed in an ideal body-mind condition, but it’s not the point of this post to sell you this ritual as any better than another or to explain the numerous virtues of energy work (maybe it will be for another post😉)

It just is the perfect one for me based on the criteria I gave myself.

I tested and tried it together with other practices before it became MY favourite one.

And of course every routine needs practice before becoming a new effortless habit, benefiting you well beyond the moment of the practice itself.

By the way, better not to refer to the common rule of the 21 days: taking up a new habit consistently takes on average 66 days according to most recent research (more precisely it can apparently range from 18 to 254 days), so be ready to stick to it if you have found your sweet spot and do not get discouraged.

Let's wrap up: take one practice that you like and that you know you can do every single day, no matter what; stick to it for a sufficient time so that you get to know what you like more in it, and use this awareness to build your criteria over time.

Put it together in a way that you feel is right and go with it. That's fun, and creative!

And don’t let anyone tell you that their own practice is the good one for you.

You don’t need a pre-cooked solution nor advice in this area.

What you need is awareness — of what gives you benefit and value - , and a process — to find your own best practice and solution.

And if you need any support in building up and following up your own perfect routine discovery process, you can of course get in touch. I will be happy to help.

Wishing you a delightful holiday time and a great start in 2022!


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