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Creating your own perfect morning routine in 2022

I published this article on some time ago but not yet on My Growth Café, now it's the time to fix this😉. For those who missed it, here you go, with a few updates and just in time to help you start thinking about your ideal morning routine for 2022! Grab your cup of favourite drink and enjoy!

There are plenty of guides out there on healthy rituals to start your day, so you bet, I will not add to the list.

What I will do instead is offering you a process to find or create your best single ritual ever, the one that can light your day up and prepare you for being your personal best version all day long.

Because most probably what is the perfect ritual for me is not the same for you; what I look for in my routine is not what you look for, and your objective is not necessarily mine.

So let’s dive into process here.

How to choose, or create, your sweet spot amid the infinite possible ways to kick off your day?

And why would you ever need one, after all?

It’s about purpose. I will talk about this too.

I have an exploratory mind and experimenting and discovering is definitely a pleasure of mine.

That's why again over the past years I’ve tested a number of different morning practices, either twisting one I had been using already for some time, or starting something else from scratch, such as daily walking my dog in the forest (side effects of pandemic changed habits, using the time I freed from traffic jams because of working-from-home).

Trials after trials I’ve come up with more clarity about the criteria my ideal morning practice had to feature. Criteria is the name of the game here to create your perfect ritual. Criteria is what makes you able to distinguish what’s good from what’s...even better!

That’s the gift of our analytical mind applied to processing what makes us feel good. Thus we can model it and repeat it.

So here my simple process to identify your criteria in four steps:

1) pay attention to what in a practice/ritual makes you feel really good (you don’t want to start your day any less than good, do you? Moreover, if it’s something you like you will more probably keep practicing daily and not get easily discouraged),

2) think of what are the elements there that make you feel like that ( hint: it can be just a part of it, not the entire practice, so be prepared to make distinctions),

3) use this element as a criterion to build your best routine,

4) Repeat the three steps above to identify your possible other criteria.

Now, even if this approach may sound a bit too analytical, it is not something you do as ‘cold’ homework.

It comes while you practice, and because you practice with focused attention.

It is not separate from you doing your routines.

It’s what happens when you attend to your routines more intentionally and discover your own unique way through it.

With this process I’ve come up with my own three criteria: