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Share your brilliance

with the world!

Designed to make you shine!


With this programme specifically designed for your career,

you not only discover and embrace your powerful self -

your talents, passions, values, skills, and inner resources - 

you will let the world know the new You!

This is the perfect programme for you if you want to design your career strategy with confidence,

enhance your self-management skills for higher performance,

hone your resume, improve your interview skills,

and start to build your personal branding for the long-term! 

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What we work on:

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Your Identity

You are unique!

and you want to build a professional life that matches your unique vision, passion, and talents.

Learn to anchor your career strategy into these solid foundations!

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Your Impact

Pitching is a subtle art,

connecting with your audience can be a game-changer,

sharing your brand with authenticity is a revealing journey of self-growth.

Learn to make an impact!

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Your Mindset

You play for the long run!

You grow with each of your experiences.

Learn to build up your inner strength, resilience, grit.

Activate your growth mindset!


Your  Resume

Your resume and cover letters are your entry doors in the world of work.

Let  your uniqueness shine through them!

We will hone them to express the best of you.

How do we work together?


Forget about those one-size-fits-all personal development trainings, seminars and workshops.

Every session of your path is exquisitely unique because​

we build it around your unique objectives and your specific difficulties to reach or maintain them.

This way you can be sure that the exercises, reflections, steps and practices I will propose to you will address those very aspects that are more challenging and more foundational to you, in real life.

You commit to your transformation and to take action towards your objectives.

I design your journey with you, guide you, challenge you and support you all way long.

We work together for 8 weeks, in both deep coaching and hands-on sessions.

We work at deep level on your fears and challenges and towards your goals. 


And you will discover yourself day by day more powerful and more confident, ready and up for your new opportunities to shine! 

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in practice

Your first step

 Career development is an inner work.

It's more than acquiring new skills, drafting your cover letter and diligently preparing for an interview.

it requires self-awareness, commitment, readiness to challenge yourself and constantly developing your professional identity.

When we meet for the first time in your

free discovery call

we will talk about you, your objectives and your challenges to achieve them: this is your opportunity to experience first-hand a deep coaching conversation.

This is also the moment when you will get answer to all your possible questions, including fees and any practical detail.

On this basis we will decide if working together is a good fit for both of us and how we'll make it happen.

How and Where 

If you decide to work with me

you engage in 8 weeks of deep development work on yourself with your professional objectives in mind.

We'll meet regularly and according to our agreed schedule to work together, in deep coaching or hands-on sessions (mock interviews; revision of resume/presentation/pitch etc.)

and you'll work on your own in between sessions: this may be inner work and/or concrete actions to take in your daily life that move you closer to your goal.


For our sessions we will work at my home-studio in Uccle or online (via zoom),

as we decide.


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Embrace your own way.

Activate your mind power.

Re-discover your natural confidence.

Make the world your playground!

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Tune into your own leadership style.

Learn to be comfortable with the unknown.

Leverage your talents

to lead and inspire with authenticity! 

I decided to start my coaching program with Alessia to better manage a big job change that excited and scared me at the same time: a new Company after 18 years in the previous one.

Alessia helped me to change my mindset, to focus and to pull out the manager I wanted to become and that I could become without my fears.

A few months after the end of my journey , I can say I feel stronger, more confident in my abilities and more aware of myself and my new role.

Silvia, Milan, March 2022