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Power.You.Up! Foundations

Unleash your mind power

for an amazing life!

This programme is for you if you want to...


Become deeply aware of your value, talents, and skills, and rapidly enhance your self-confidence.

Move from feeling stressed, anxious or unsecure to feeling empowered and in control of your life.

Become able to clearly define your goals, get the results you want and consistently keep them over time,

Stop procrastinating, start taking action and making choices and decisions that support your objectives.

Enhance your personal organization and effectiveness.

Amplify your personal presence and impact.

Start to live your most enjoyable, satisfying and purposeful life!


You will work with me on


Your Identity

 What makes you You? Your uniqueness is the first building block of your self-confidence. We'll explore it together! Enter a fascinating journey inside your drivers, desires, values and talents...

you will fall in love with yourself!

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Your body Intelligence

What is happening when you are afraid or anxious or frustrated?  We will explore your feelings, decrypt your emotions and learn how to regulate them.

Get in touch with the signals of your body and make your emotions your best allies! 

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Your Mindset

How do you see your life? What do you get from your experiences? How do you react to situations? Time to discover new perspectives, craft different questions, create new possibilities. Let yourself be surprised by how different reality will appear to you!

How do you see your life?

What do you get from your experiences?

How do you react to situations?

Time to discover new perspectives, craft different questions, create new possibilities.


Let yourself be surprised by how different reality will appear to you!


Your Lifestyle

your daily habits can make or break your best intentions. You know that getting organized is important just not enough. 

Learn to setup and maintain habits that create more space, energy and time in your day. Life has just so much more to enjoy!

How do we work together?


Forget about those one-size-fits-all personal development trainings, seminars and workshops.

Every session of your path is exquisitely unique because​

we build it around your unique objectives and your specific difficulties to reach or maintain them.

This way you can be sure that the exercises, reflections, steps and practices I will propose to you will address those very aspects that are more challenging and more foundational to you, in real life.

You commit to your transformation and to take action towards your objectives.

I design your journey with you, guide you, challenge you and support you all way long.

We work together for 8 weeks, addressing at deep level whatever is blocking you on the way to your boldest goals and vision. 


And you will see your life experience rapidly and sustainably changing, you will discover yourself day by day in a new, stronger, more powerful and more confident version, which is there to last.

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in practice

Your first step

 Transformative Coaching is for you if you have more than just a vague desire to change.

it requires commitment, and readiness to explore your inner obstacles (and to get into discomfort if needed to tackle and to overcome them).

When we meet for the first time in your

free discovery call

we will talk about you, your objectives and your challenges to achieve them: this is your opportunity to experience first-hand a deep coaching conversation.

This is also the moment when you will get answer to all your possible questions, including fees and any practical detail.


On this basis we will decide if working together is a good fit for both of us and how we'll make it happen.


How and Where 

If you decide to work with me

you engage in 8 weeks of deep development work on yourself with your objectives in mind.

We'll meet weekly to work together, and you'll work on your own in between sessions: this may be inner work and/or concrete actions to take in your daily life that move you closer to your goal.


For our weekly sessions (up to one hour and half each) we will work at my home-studio in Uccle or online (via zoom),

as we decide.


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Tune into your own leadership style.

Learn to be comfortable with the unknown.

Leverage your talents

to lead and inspire with authenticity! 

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Infuse your uniqueness in your work.

Add value to your experience.

Learn to create and tell your story.

Brand yourself as the shining star that you are!

Just finished the Power.You.Up! coaching path and I  could not be happier of my decision to invest my time and energy in it!

My anxiety just dropped, I  feel more balanced, strong and confident and I'm  receiving confirmation of it from outside :-)

I loved my homework, the guided energetic practices, and the conversations with Alessia, she's so to-the-point and straightforward, and always gentle, empathetic, and light!

I felt safe and at home to share about me.

Thank you so much!

Monica, Brussels, December 2021