Impact. inspire. Empower.

Leadership starts with yourself

Self-awareness and self-empowerment are foundational for authentic and impactful leadership.


With this deep coaching programme we craft your self-empowerment journey with a specific focus on your leadership vision and purpose, so that it moves from your personal plan to the collective one:

Learn to "sense" at systemic level, to connect deeply with your team and stakeholders, to anticipate and envision, to successfully manage pressure, complexity and paradox,

and to truly inspire and empower your "tribe"!

What we work on:

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Your Purpose

What is authentic leadership made of?

Let's dive into your values and leadership purpose.

Your leadership is a state of being, you bring it with you when you get back home. Embrace it!

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Your Impact

Leadership is about making visible the still invisible, sharing your energy,

radiate your passion,

impact and inspire:

you are here to make a difference!

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Your Mindset

How do you face risks, uncertainty, pressure?Leadership is about opening the way, sensing reality, daring, taking rapid decisions, making difficult choices.


Your mindset is your compass: make it your  most important tool

Working Together

Your Team

In a complex and unpredictable world, leadership is about listening, understanding, connecting, and empowering

the mind of others.

Let the brilliance of your team be your best

business card!

How do we work together?


Forget about those one-size-fits-all personal development trainings, seminars and workshops.

Every session of your path is exquisitely unique because​

we build it around your unique objectives and your specific difficulties to reach or maintain them.

This way you can be sure that the exercises, reflections, steps and practices I will propose to you will address those very aspects that are more challenging and more foundational to you, in real life.

You commit to your transformation and to take bold action towards your objectives.

I design your journey with you, guide you, challenge you and support you all way long.

We work together for at least four months checking in with regular transformative coaching sessions.

We work at deep level on your fears and challenges and towards your goals. 


And you will discover yourself day by day a more powerful and more confident leader, ready and up for your bigger game!

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in practice

Your first step

This Leadership Coaching is deeply transformative and conceived to challenge your thinking, habits and ways of working.

it requires bold commitment and readiness to explore your deepest obstacles and fears to overcome them towards confident, authentic and impactful leadership.

When we meet for the first time in your

free discovery call

we will talk about you, your objectives and your challenges to achieve them: this is your opportunity to have a first experience of a deep coaching conversation with me.

This is also the moment when you will get answer to all your possible questions, including fees and any practical detail.

On this basis we will decide if working together is a good fit for both of us and how we'll make it happen.

How and Where 

If you decide to work with me

you engage in 4 months of deep development work on yourself with your professional objectives in mind.

We'll meet regularly and according to our agreed schedule to work together in deep coaching conversations that might challenge your assumptions and perspectives about leadership.

And you'll work on your own in between sessions: this implies both inner work and concrete actions to take in your daily life that move you closer to your goal.


For our sessions we will work at my home-studio in Uccle or online (via zoom),

as we decide.

If you are in Brussels and if the weather allows, we may also have our sessions  in the near Bois de la Cambre,

because coaching in nature has incredible power and I'm delighted to offer it to you.


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Embrace your own way.

Activate your mind power.

Re-discover your natural confidence.

Make the world your playground!

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Infuse your uniqueness in your work.

Add value to your experience.

Learn to create and tell your story.

Brand yourself as the shining star that you are!

It’s rare to come across standout talent who tunes into your wave-length within minutes and who could read what you have not yet said out loud.  


I had the pleasure of working with Alessia for 3 years on organizational development projects in the European Institutional context, co-hosting many conversations with large groups of colleagues and managing the ideas into organizational strategies for meaningful change.  


I was particularly amazed by Alessia’s ability to listen deeply to understand situations and people better, and to see the next best move intuitively that takes us closer to the desired outcome and deeper down the transformational path.  Alessia will help you find the best path to transformational change. 

Andrea, Brussels, May 2021