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8-week 1-1 Programme

Touch your brilliance

and share it

with the world!

Designed to make you shine!


This programme is for you is you want to:

Become deeply aware of your value, talents, and skills, and rapidly enhance your self-confidence.

Move from feeling stressed, anxious or unsecure to feeling empowered and in control of your life.

Become able to clearly define your goals, get the results you want and consistently keep them over time,

Stop procrastinating, start taking action and making choices and decisions that support your objectives.

Enhance your personal organization and effectiveness.

Amplify your personal presence and impact.

This is also the perfect programme for you if you want to design your career strategy with confidence,

enhance your self-management skills for higher performance,

 hone your interview skills, and start to build your personal branding for the long-term! 


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What makes you YOU?
Your uniqueness is the first building block of your confidence.

Enter a fascinating journey inside your drivers, desires, values and talents.
Fall in love with who you are.

Any successful and sustainable strategy in your work or personal life will build on this. 

How do we work together?


You have unique objectives and specific, personal, challenges on your way to achieve them.

That is why you don't need another one-size-fits-all personal development training,

you have already tried out a number of them, without any real, lasting change.

Every session of the Power.You.Up! path is exquisitely unique because​ we build it around you. 

This way you can be sure that the exercises, reflections and actionable steps you will take

 will address those very aspects that are more challenging and more critical to you, in your real life.

This coaching path is deeply transformative for both your personal and professional life,

as it is conceived to challenge your thinking, habits, and ways of working.

It works this way:

You commit to your transformation and to take action towards your objectives.

I design your journey with you, guide you, challenge you and support you all way long.

We work together for 8 weeks, in both deep coaching and hands on sessions depending on your specific objective(s).

We work at deep level on your fears and challenges, and towards your goals.

And you will discover yourself day by day in a new, stronger, more powerful and more confident version, which is there to last.

Ready for the ride?

In practice

 This transformative coaching path is for you if you have more than just a vague desire to change.

it requires commitment, and readiness to explore your inner obstacles (and to get into discomfort if needed to tackle and to overcome them).

When we meet for the first time in your free discovery call

we will talk about you, your objectives and your challenges: this is an opportunity to experience first-hand a coaching conversation with me.

This is also the moment when you will get answer to all your possible questions on the coaching programme, including any practical detail.

On this basis we will decide if working together is a good fit for both of us.

If we decide to pursue our partnership, we'll work together in weekly transformative sessions for a period of 8 weeks, either remotely (zoom video-call) or in presence as per your choice.


Your homework in between sessions will be tailored on your needs so to maximise results and accelerate transformation.

I decided to start my coaching program with Alessia to better manage a big job change that excited and scared me at the same time: a new Company after 18 years in the previous one.

Alessia helped me to change my mindset, to focus and to pull out the manager I wanted to become and that I could become without my fears.

A few months after the end of my journey , I can say I feel stronger, more confident in my abilities and more aware of myself and my new role.

Silvia, Milan, March 2022

Alessia coached me to get the position of Chief Stakeholder Relations and Dissemination in a well known EU agency.

The work went well beyond improving my performance for the interview. We looked together at blockers and beliefs about myself that undermined my confidence. She made me realise that the power was in me, only not fully heard by me yet.

After landing the position, I moved on in my attitude towards work also, from the friendly PR role, which I associate to my feminine side, to a more assertive member of a team, contributing and arguing my positions when I believe them to add value.

I therefore feel more complete in every way, including in my daily life. Ready to take on more responsibilities, and will seek for Alessia's counseling for the future steps.

Catherine, Brussels, November 2022

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