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Take a moment and think if any of this has happened already:

To hold yourself back from a huge opportunity because you doubt yourself, your skills, experience, or qualifications...

To refrain from a challenging conversation to avoid the emotional toll and the possible consequences...

To regularly work hard till late hours, and lack time and energy to enjoy your private or family life, not mentioning maybe a good sleep... 

To let stress and anxiety lead the way when preparing and delivering your pitch or presentation, despite being well prepared... 

To feel the need to prove yourself and get external approval (by your manager, your clients, your team...), pushing yourself to constantly perform up to others' expectations...

To feel frustrated because your results are overlooked and to start thinking you need to become more assertive/authoritative/domineering to redress it...

To overthink or procrastinate in taking decisions, maybe to feel indecisive even after taking it...

to keep yourself small, take limited risks, and please others while dismissing your needs...

But you know that you are wired for more.

You want to grow, You feel called to be and do more, and you have likely tried out a number of confidence-building and empowerment tips,

 power poses, motivational affirmations, classes and exercises...

only to discover that they might work sometimes, and more often not,

And if you are not giving up, maybe you are wondering what the missing piece is,


what is it that you have not yet grasped, and that would make you really step into your power,

enjoy your work and life to the fullest, spread around your energy and creativity, feel confident in yourself and at ease in any situation, feel in balance and in control of your time, without anxiety, without hustling.

So let me tell you:

That missing piece is your  

Personal Power,


and you are about to see why... 


Image by Sophie Dale

Your Personal Power is

the synergy of your personal energy in flow and

your capacity to channel it into intentionally aligned action.


The logician inside me likes to put it this way:







Your energy is that intangible field within you and around you that you bring with you anytime and anywhere, and gives information about you before you even open your mouth.


When you enter that room. While you speak. When you listen. While you move.

And, as eerie as it may sound, it is the result of your own unique combination of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values, and of your awareness and focus.

Your inner world. You radiate its energy, beyond your intention. 

What you think, what you feel, what meaning you give to your experiences and what you take away from them, what perspective you choose, where you focus your attention on, how aware you are of your consciousness functioning and of your patterns and how intentional you are in applying them:


these elements all contribute to the amount and quality of the energy you radiate, and when they are not working in synergy but conflict instead with one another, your energy does not flow freely, it is blocked or diverted and dissipated.

You may experience this as self-doubt, lack of confidence, stress, anxiety, exhaustion, overwhelm, defensiveness, loss of meaning, and a need for external validation, as you deny your own internal source of authority.

Other times, your energy may be flowing inside, giving you an inner centring, strength, and calmness, but you cannot, or are not able to, or have not the courage, to convey it in an aligned action which would be the empowered expression of yourself.

This "wound" may easily result in frustration, aggressiveness, lack of motivation, lack of authenticity and relatability, in effort or struggle (including faked attitudes), and a generally weak action, with limited impact.


The effects of these wounded patterns (both internally as energy, and externally as action) may become sooner or later tangible not only in your work performance, but in your health and the very quality of your professional and private life.

Whatever work on yourself you have done to address these challenges, you have probably only scratched the surface, mitigating the symptoms without working out the root conditions, aka those various elements that make up your personal energy mix together with the necessary  outer expression of it, your action (what you choose to do, or not do, say, or not say, listen, or not listen).

The work you will do with me will address these roots and will make you tap into the unlimited power that comes from Mastering your personal energy and Aligning your being and doing with her highest essence.

This is what Personal Power is made of.

You will learn to make the different parts of You work in synergy instead than conflicting.

As a result, you will break patterns, thoughts and behaviours that keep you stuck, you will activate unsuspected resources and you will leap forward into effective and intentionally aligned action that will bring you new, outstanding and unprecedented results, with incredible more flow and ease.

Because this is the secret of opening the gates of your energy

and let it flow freely:

  • You will tap into your limitless source of creativity, intuition, natural confidence and magnetism,  warmth and connection, flow and graceful assertiveness.

  • You will empower yourself from the inside-out, leaning into your own energetic formula, and so banning any perception of limitations.

  • You will become the confident master of your everyday and major choices,

  • and You will start to finally create your personal and professional life as the unique masterpiece it is meant to be! 


Hi, I am


I coach passionate professional women like You. 

I guide you to power up your spark, to touch your brilliance,

and to activate it in your work and life.

I work with female entrepreneurs, executives and change makers who are ready to play their bigger game, who are deeply committed to their vision and goals, and eager to challenge themselves beyond their comfort zone.

When you start working with me,

you enter a suspended space and time of deep focus,

and embark on an exciting journey of discovery:

You will discover yourself anew,

and, as you step into your power, you will see your reality change,

as you change your perspective, mindset and attitude

in ways that support you and make you leap forward into the expression of your next magnificent version.

Step by step (and often suddenly!) you become able to craft circumstances, create opportunities, generate solutions and make choices that bring you where you really want to be.

Because we work below the surface, you will get in touch with the very source of your personal power,

and when you click into it, you will feel the difference, as you will 10X your performance and results with greater ease and grace,


in full integrity with yourself, tapping into your essence,

and move through pleasure, excitement and purpose,

instead than effort and struggle.

I'm an award-winning, ICF accredited coach and a passionate specialist in hypnosis induction and energy activation 

(certified hypnotherapy practitioner and reiki energy master),

all this on top of 20+ year work experience in international organizations, which makes me deeply aware of the challenges and dynamics of a complex work environment.


I'm based in Brussels, Belgium, and you can work with me online from anywhere.

in English, Italian or French,

Up for the ride?

Designed to make you shine!

Power.You.Up! is an exclusive 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring programme, packed up with insights and breakthroughs to make you leap forward in your work and life with ease, grace and flow!

It is for the woman who deeply values herself and wants to:

Get in touch with her energetic power and her deepest mental resources and rapidly enhance her self-confidence.

Move from feeling stressed or anxious to feeling excited and in control of her life, without compromising on her boundaries.

Learn to clearly define and own her priorities.

Stop procrastinating, start taking action and making choices that support her real objectives.

Deeply enhance her self-management, personal organization, decision-making and effectiveness.

Amplify her personal presence, charisma and impact.

Design her career strategy with confidence and in full alignment with her personal mission and purpose.

Invite more pleasure, joy and excitement in her life and ban struggle and hustle


Explore how we will work...

Image by Daniel Olah

Your Identity

What makes you YOU?

Your uniqueness is the first building block of your personal power and your confidence.

You will enter a fascinating journey inside your drivers, desires, values and gifts. 

You will fall in love with who you are.

And that's where magic starts, because any successful and sustainable strategy in your work or personal life will build on this: knowing Yourself. 


Your Energetic Awareness

Your energy is that field that pours through you and speaks about you before you even say a word.

It is what you project in any situation or conversation and that generates those instant feelings of attraction and connection, or not.

When you understand your energy and what influences it, you simply start to master your life with so more ease. 

In this programme you will get in touch with your exquisite feminine energy system, and you will learn to consciously activate it to accomplish more with less effort, and to experience more and more of what your heart and soul desire.

Your Mindset

What do you think about your life?

Where do you focus your attention on?

How do you react to difficult situations, risks, uncertainties or criticism?

The quality of your thinking makes the quality of your experiences.

You will discover new perspectives, craft different questions, create new opportunities and possibilities.

You will learn how to invite to work your highest mind and access a level of easiness and wisdom previously untapped.

You will be amazed at how instantly your reality can change!

Your Emotional Universe

What is really happening when you are afraid, or anxious, or frustrated?

When you don't fully understand how your emotions work, they can get in your way and sabotage your objectives.

You will learn to decrypt your emotions, understand how they function and how to make them work in synergy with your desires.

Unprocessed emotions get stored in your energy body.

You will learn to connect with the signals of your body.

And make your emotions your best allies.

Your Action

Your power comes from giving shape to your energy through intentionally aligned action: authority, authenticity, charisma, they all boil down to this.

The way you choose to act, speak, listen, will have the greatest impact when you are sourcing it directly from your internal authority.

This is what ensures coherence and flow, strength and warmth.

This coaching will help you lean gently into action that is deeply aligned to your essence, in your day-to-day life, creating more ease and space for what matters to you, and time for inspiration, creativity, connection and purpose.

This is how you make your life your masterpiece, day in day out.

Your Impact

Your impact is the compounded result of your inner work.

Your personal energy, your mental and emotional mastery, your self-knowledge and the way you nurture yourself will show up outside as your unique presence and impact.

Along the way you will easily learn to craft your message in powerful ways, establish your authority, share your value, and connect at a deep level with your audience (be it a personal pitch, a sale conversation or a technical presentation).

Making an impact will become second nature to you!

And all this with the ease and flow that come from being one with your own source of personal power!

Image by Danilo Batista

How do we work together?


We will work on all the aspects above in a unique mix that will be tailored on YOU and will develop with YOU.


Because You have unique objectives and specific, personal, challenges on your way to achieve them,

you can be sure that the learning, exercises, reflections and actionable steps you will take

 will address those very aspects that are more challenging and more critical to you, in your real life.


We work together over a period of 3 months during which we will meet

in 6 individual intensive coaching and activation sessions.

You will receive exclusive resources and exercises to support you in your journey and accelerate your transformation.

So that you will discover yourself day by day in a new, stronger, way more powerful and more confident version,

which is there to last, because it is aligned with your most authentic way of being.

What you need is an open mind, a willingness to push the boundaries of your current limit-full comfort,

and a sincere and deep desire to activate your limitless personal power.

Let your unbridled vision guide you in your quest!


Presentation (created from your Doc)_edi

I decided to start my coaching program with Alessia to better manage a big job change that excited and scared me at the same time: a new Company after 18 years in the previous one.

Alessia helped me to change my mindset, to focus and to pull out the manager I wanted to become and that I could become without my fears.

A few months after the end of my journey , I can say I feel stronger, more confident in my abilities and more aware of myself and my new role.

Silvia, Product Development Manager

Alessia coached me to get the position of Chief Stakeholder Relations and Dissemination in a well known EU agency.

The work went well beyond improving my performance for the interview. We looked together at blockers and beliefs about myself that undermined my confidence. She made me realise that the power was in me, only not fully heard by me yet.

After landing the position, I moved on in my attitude towards work also, from the friendly PR role, which I associate to my feminine side, to a more assertive member of a team, contributing and arguing my positions when I believe them to add value.

I therefore feel more complete in every way, including in my daily life. Ready to take on more responsibilities, and will seek for Alessia's counseling for the future steps.

Catherine, Head of Communication

if this is the right programme
for you?

Presentation (created from your Doc)_edi
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